Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crawford Lake 2012

Two years ago I had the opportunity to go with Marietta to Crawford Lake.  On May 3rd of this year (I had to double check that date since it fell on the exact same date that I went with Marietta) I went with Rebecca’s class to Crawford Lake.  The trip was neat because it wasn’t the same as the last time we went.  The guide we had was very knowledge, so we got to hear some new things and play some different games.  

The one longhouse is like a hands on museum which is great for kids. 

Rebecca trying on the baby carrier … oh my head and neck hurt just looking at thatP1100317_1P1100320_1

Smashing corn into corn meal


It was neat to see the simple games that they had that could be challenging and fun and keep them busy.  Rebecca is trying to catch the leather circle at the end of the string onto the stick in her hand


Once again we gathered around the firepit to learn about how the Indians cared for themselves, bathed, ate, slept etc.


This time the guide actually started the fire with a piece of flint … it`s amazing how fast he did it.


Afterward the kids got a chance to practice Lacrosse, which was a native game, by playing catch.  It was interesting to learn that they actually played this on fields anywhere from 500metres to 3 km long and that they could have between 100-1000 men on the field.  They would be very physical and it was almost like a war when they would play.


After lunch we spent some time walking the trails before heading back to school.  It was a gorgeous day for a nice walk around the lake.


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