Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baseball Tournament

We’re at the end of May now.  May 25th Marietta got to participate in her first baseball tournament.  Since our school is a smaller school they sometimes have to pull students from Grade 6 to help make a complete team for the Grade 7/8 tournaments.  This was the case for soccer as well as baseball.

The tournament was near London and so Marietta left at 6:30am on the bus and the rest of the family came up later.  We caught the end of their first and were able to watch several others games.  Our school didn’t do so great overall but it was an enjoyable day.

P1100577 2P1100579 2

It was also a very hot day and so why not have a snowball fight?  Nothing like some ice/snow from the ice rink to cool you down when you’re sweltering.

P1100581 2

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