Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kindergarten Day

June 7th was a day Matthew had looked forward to for quite some time … he got to go on the bus and he got to go to kindergarten for the day. I’m not sure which part was more exciting, the bus or kindergarten!

The new kindergarten kids just went to school for a couple hours in the morning to see what kindergarten is like.  I was a helper for the day, but Matthew want to go on the bus and not with his mom.  So I sent him off for his bus ride and then headed over to the kindergarten.



Story Time


Desk Time.  Matthew met a new friend that morning … Thomas.  He got to sit beside Thomas and the two seemed to hit it off. 


As for the actual school work aspect of the day … well that wasn’t totally Matthew’s cup of tea.  Matthew doesn’t have a huge attention span and so colouring a whole page in at one time was just not his idea of fun.  He got tired of writing numbers and letters (they did the number 1 and letter S) and especially gave up on the S as he couldn’t make the S just perfect on the lines.  I admire his desire for perfection but he’s going to have to learn that doing your best is the way to go.  If he finds something too challenging then he just doesn’t do it and so he didn’t really get his S done as he dilly-dallied and said he was tired and didn’t want to do it anymore.  I guess he’s also going to have to learn to just buckle down and do it as it’s not going to go away … but he’s got all of kindergarten to figure that out. For Kindergarten Day it was just nice for them to be able to create an image of what they would be doing after the summer.

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