Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting Back Up-to-Date

I promised the kids that I would post on the blog by the end of the week … so here it is a few hours before the week ends and I’m working at keeping my promise. Now I’m going to have to see how well my memory works since I have a long ways back to travel in order to catch up on the various activities that have taken place since my last posts.

I can’t believe that my last posts were about Rob quitting school and returning to the work force.  Really?  Was that only 6 months ago?  Seems so much longer then that since Rob was in school. It was amazing how quickly we settled into the new routine of life, some good points, some not so good.  From time to time we miss those school days … like at breakfast time since Rob’s no longer with us, and supper time since his schedule isn’t always consistent (but I must say overall it has been quite good, the summer being the worst time).  But some things haven’t changed since he’s still busy busy.  Leaving school meant he was quickly involved in different aspects of church life, from being able to attend Men’s Society and Post Confession, to be added to various committees, like Home Mission and Ed. Com., to teaching Catechism.  This means that evenings and weekends are still full and we find him sitting behind the desk or books often enough still.  But in the spring and summer we marvelled at how wonderful it was to have him around, away from the desk on evenings and weekends. 

Life has been busy in many different ways over the last months and so the blog got behind and once it got behind it just seemed that it kept getting put off since it would take a bit to catch up on and there was just too many other pressing things to do … but the kids keep asking and asking when I’m going to post again and I know that if I don’t keep posting I will stop writing down those memories that we can look back at in years to come.  So I promised that once I was done working on the photo directory I would get back to it … so I’m not quite done the photo directory yet, but getting close and so I have to keep my promise to post something this week … altho I don’t think a babbling post was what they had in mind.

So stay tune, the pressure is now on to get back up-to-date.

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