Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grade 7/8 Soccer Tournament

As far as I know that’s what it’s called, at least that’s what the kids call it … but in our schools case (and several other schools) there are not enough students in Grade 7/8 to put together a team.  The boys in Grade 7/8 had enough students, but there were not enough girls and so the Grade 6 girls were also able to play.

Usually the tournament is on a Saturday, but the field was not available for Saturday and so the kids got a day off school to play on Friday instead.  Just like I remember from my elementary years of soccer tournaments it was a cold and dreary day … extremely windy and raining off and on.  The kids were cold when they were not playing, but they did their best and had a good time.  At the end of the day they came in 4th place, a placement they were happy with.

Their first game was at 8:30 in the morning against Timothy.  Since Timothy is a larger school they had plenty of students to create a good team and  still be able to create a mixed team.  Their kids were also a tad bigger then our kids … but the kids went out and played their best, although they lost by a larger margin.  For Marietta it was an experience to play against all kids she knew from her days at Timothy.  I personally recognized very few of them, since they were all older then our girls I didn’t really know them.  Next year Marietta will get to play against the girls that she went to school with the first four years of her life


Their second game was against Dufferin, a smaller school like us.  It was a well matched game and you could tell the kids really enjoyed having a game where it was at their level with kids their size (amazing what a couple grades can do when it comes to size at this age).  ACRES won by one point.


It is rather humorous to watch Marietta play soccer.  She is a very dramatic person and she’s also dramatic in her running and playing.  Every move comes with extra drama and facial expressions, swinging of the arms and what not else.

Changing directions


Changing directions again … the head swings, the arms swing, I’m sure there’s a sigh or huff or something to go with it


Ball in the face


The last game was against JCS, again a large school with mostly bigger/older kids.  The girls did not expect much with this game as they had played an expedition game against them and lost by a quite a bit.  But they still went out there and did well.  This game was a semi-final game, which determined whether they were 3rd or 4th place. 

Half-time break … cold


Watching from the side-lines and trying to stay warm


She sure looks small here compared to the other team … of course this is just before she “fell” over, if she were standing up she’d look a bit bigger


They came out in 4th, losing their last game by a fair amount.  I believe there was seven or eight other teams … so 4th was pretty good.

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