Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Program

The school had their Christmas program a week early this year.  I’m not sure why, but seeing as the kids go to school right until the 23rd this year (as far as my memory serves that has never happened before … my birthday has always been during the holidays) it’s nice that the program is out of the way and we can dive right into holidays at the end of this week. 

Both Marietta and Rebecca love to sing and they love doing choir programs for school.  Marietta was especially thrilled this year when she was chosen to do a few “special” parts.

Waiting nervously for her turn to say her narration.  A fair amount of kids did narrations, but Marietta and her partner in this narration were the only ones who were loud enough to it without having to go up on the pulpit and use a mike.  She has happy about this (is that a thing to be happy about?  to be so loud you don’t need a mike??  hmmmmm)


I was unable to get any pictures of Rebecca this year since she was behind too many kids and we could not see her. It’s always too bad when you can’t see them good, but I know she sand to her hearts content, she loves to sing.

Marietta also sang a short duet part, again without the mike because of her volume.  Since she is currently taking voice lessons this gave her some incentive to put some extra effort into her singing, pronunciation and clarity  … giving her lessons more of a purpose then just singing to the living room walls. 


The last song was beautiful and received a standing ovation … after it was asked to be sung a second time because it was so nice.  The teachers joined in for this song … so here’s my mom, who teaches Grade 2.


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