Saturday, November 26, 2011


After a cold, wet and very busy September we were pleasantly surprised to have a delightfully beautiful, warm thanksgiving weekend.  So warm that we actually had our thanksgiving supper outside … it was simply beautiful.

On Sunday after an early supper we headed down to the school to check out the trail on the school property.  The kids often run the trail for gym or go for walks to study specific science things, or in grade 4 they get to take care of the birdhouses … making birdhouses, putting them up and then monitoring what kind of birds come and how many eggs they get … there is nothing like hands on experience to truly understand the beauty of nature.  So given that the kids have often been on the trail we thought it would be nice to check it out.  It has been very nicely done, and it being the leaf changing season it was a beautiful walk.

Marietta had the camera … and when Marietta has the camera she takes pictures of every leaf, blade and stick in sight.  We have to keep reminding her to keep up …. but she does have a talent for capturing some of the beauty around us … as much is possible on a photo

P1080264P1080261  P1080265   P1080277


Obviously Marietta did not take these ones … she wanted pictures of her ringlet hair


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Lisa said...

Beautiful hair and beautiful photos, Marietta!