Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Okay, this wasn’t really planned for my birthday … it was just the date that worked, but the kids see it as something we did for my birthday, so we’ll go with that :)

The girls had their last day of school for the year 2011 on the 23rd.  It was only a half day and they were home shortly after noon hour, at which time they showered mom with presents before we headed out the door off to Hamilton.  After a chiro appointment and a few errands we met friends at Splitsville.  We both had coupons that we had gotten off of WagJag and KijijiDeals , so for $20 we were able to enjoy 1 bumper car ride each and two hours of bowling.

We went on the bumper cars first, figuring it would be busier later on and this way we could enjoy it by ourselves.    If you hit a persons bumper car in a specific spot on the sides it would cause the car to spin around for a few seconds before the person could carry on.

The kids having fun … Matthew chose to stay on solid ground and did not want to ride with anyone.P1090234 P1090237 P1090238

After the kids were done with their turn it was the adults turn


This was our kids first time 10 pin bowling.  They have been 5 pin bowling several times but this was a new challenge.  This was also the first time we went bowling that we could chose for each individual player if you would like to have bumper pads or not.  Previously when we played we all had to bowl with bumper pads because they didn’t move up and down but were placed there at the beginning of a game.  The girls played with bumper pads the first game and then decided to try without.   Marietta did okay, but Rebecca decided to stick to bumper pads a bit longer.  Overall they did pretty good for their first time 10 pin bowling.  I on the other hand could have used the bumper pads still (but had no excuse to anymore) … I suck at bowling so anything looks pretty good to me :)

 P1090257 P1090259

Matthew started out trying to throw the balls with our help. Since the balls were so big he couldn’t even get them between his legs to get some good power behind his roll.  But he still enjoyed it.

P1090261  P1090264

He enjoyed it even more when we noticed another kid with one of these handy shoot for kids to use.  This was much more fun for him to give it a good shove and see it move down the lane at a decent pace.  He even got a strike.

P1090266 P1090267

The girls each decided the wanted to give this handy-dandy thing a try.  I got Marietta’s try on video, which was rather humorous as she was busy talking and turned around to say something after she placed the ball up top, only to turn back and see that her ball had already left without her assistance.


After our bowling fun we had supper together at Theo and Lidy’s and then we tried to let our overstuffed stomachs settle while playing a couple games of Blokus … and the kids had fun together doing their own things.

And so began the kid’s Christmas Holidays.  Rob on the other hand was just completing his first week of holidays.  He wrote his last exam on December 16th and had the following week off.  He took off for four days relieving some stress by doing his favourite thing … driving truck.  It was a good break for him, something he really enjoys.  It’s too bad that he has different holidays then the kids, but at least this gave him an opportunity to work for a bit with less pressure to be home since the kids were still in school and routine was still happening at home.

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