Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Class Trips

Rebecca has been on a couple class trips this year.  I went with her for one of those trips, to Guido de Bres, the Theological Seminary and the Beacon, which was similar to a trip I took with Marietta two years ago when we just moved here (see here).  Since I went with Marietta it was just expected that I would go with Rebecca also.  Rebecca had been looking forward to this trip since Marietta went, she was especially happy to go because Daddy would actually be at school this time, whereas when Marietta went he was taking his year off.

Our first stop of the day was at Guido.  We peeked into a variety of different classes to get an idea of what is taught in high school.  

Checking out the library, which we thought was rather small for a high school, but given that so much is done on the internet now this makes sense.


We even went for a walk outside to see the gardens that one of the teachers, who previously taught at ACRES has been working on with this science (biology) class.  On our walk we could also have an outside glimpse of the new addition going up on the school for the special needs department.


After our Guido tour it was off to the Seminary … the library there was slightly larger then the one at Guido  :)


The kids did not get to see the oldest book like Marietta’s class seen, but they did get a chance to search the shelves of the library to see how old a book they could find.  The oldest ones they found on the shelf were from the 1700’s.

It was lunch on the bus and then off to the Beacon to visit with the residents there.  The kids spent a bit of time outside playing with the leaves and then playing a game of soccer.  They also had a chance to enjoy a snack with the residents and learn a bit about how the residence works.



Rebecca’s class is currently studying rocks and minerals and so her next class trip was to the quarry and to Rock Point.  I was not able to make this trip and since the weather wasn’t the most beautiful around that time I wasn’t too disappointed about it.  Although if I look at the pictures Rebecca tooks it looks like they had nice weather that day … I just didn’t feel like wandering around the beach on a cold or wet or dreary day when I knew I had some other things that had to get done at home.

At the quarry they were not allowed out of the bus.  The man on the bus who explained things was a bit over their head and Rebecca said they also had trouble hearing him at times … so she didn’t get much out of the trip.  This is where I like to go along because I would love to learn a bit about it and that way she will ask me questions if she doesn’t understand so that she goes home understanding.



Well even if they didn’t learn tons the kids always love time away from the classroom and so they still enjoyed their trip.  This trip was only a morning trip, so it would have been a perfect one to go along on since the whole day would not have been taken up … but it just didn’t fit the schedule this time.

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