Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marietta’s Photos

To follow are the pictures that Marietta had taken and been working on in Photoshop and which I enlarged and had framed for her.

Ps 8 1 song of song1;4

How Wonderful is God's creation


Our God is An Awesome God

  PRAISE THE LORD_edited-1


L.V. said...

Beautiful job Marietta! Looks like you have quite a talent blooming!
Mrs. V :)

Marietta said...

Mrs. V

Thanks. I enjoy taking pictures and I'm glad they turn out so well.I love taking pictures of our wonderful God's creation.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Marietta! Those are some beautiful pictures! I am impressed! God has given you a talent and to see you using it to capture His great deeds in creation is a blessing.

Have a blessed Christmas!
Mrs. Helder

Marietta said...

Dear Mrs. Helder

Thanks alot. I'm glad I have the talent to take such pictures of our awesome God's creation.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too remembering our LORD and Saviour's birth.