Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disney on Ice

Okay, this is really not what I’m suppose to be doing at this moment, but if I keep waiting for a time where I can sit here and do this without any guilt that there are other things I should be doing … well then I should just pack up the whole blog idea … which at the rate of my posting it’s getting to be that way.  Except I recently discovered such a thing as Windows Live Writer.  How come nobody told me about this a long time ago?????????  You mean all these years I’ve been fighting with Blogger when I could have been easily making posts from WLW?  This means I’ll no longer have an excuse for why I haven’t bothered to post … always found the actual getting the post to look proper (seeing as what appears in the blogger preview and what actually appears on the blog are totally different) the bigger hassle then writing the post.  So far I’m enjoying Windows Live Writer!

So here we go again with some travelling back in time … way back during the March Break Aileen and I took our kids to Disney on Ice.  My parents took us a couple years ago (see here) and since then the kids have watched a few more disney movies so they had a bit better idea of what was going on some of the time … altho we’re still quite far behind in this area, but I’m doubtful that will cause much harm in their lives  :)

We did not find this show as good as the last one that we went to.  The ad had shown Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story so that was what Matthew was mostly waiting for, but there was only a small section of that at the end


Just days before we went to the show Matthew had read the Mickey Mouse version of the The Sorcerer's Apprentice

 P1040547 P1040549

Unfortunately he did not like this edition of it.  Matthew has always been easily scared by shows/videos/movies when it gets dark and the music takes a specific “more scary” note, but recently he’s gotten much worse in this area and won’t watch many of the movies that he pretty much has memorized because it’s “scary”.  The show had a very long section on Halloween and bad witches from the various Disney movies.  We found it was far too long and over empahsized.  Given Matthew’s fear of dark and with scary music you can imagine he was none to thrilled about this.  Funny thing was he had actually been saying since near the beginning that he wanted to go home.  Finally during the Halloween section I took him out for a bit to wait things out.  As I looked at him I thought that he really didn’t look well … was he really that scared??  He didn’t want any snacks and kept asking to go home, he just wanted to snuggle and I began to think that he really wasn’t feeling well. 

He did finish off the show and there were a few piece he enjoyed … especially when Woody and Buzz finally made their appearance. He perked up a bit after the show but by time we put him in the van I was sure that he was not well and it felt like he had a fever … he did okay while we went shopping but by time we got to supper he was done!

  P1040553  P1040563

The piggy from Toy Story was my favourite



amymom24 said...

Glad you're enjoying WLW!

So sad about Matthew:( We went last year and Micah spent the whole time with his hands over his eyes or over his ears or with his face buried in my chest. Poor guy! Next year will be better, I'm sure. Nice to see you blogging again:)

HH said...

WLW is the best isn't it? Looks like you had a great time. Pictures look amazing. Love all your updates.

Steph said...

See ... there's two people who knew all about WLW and didn't tell me about it ;P