Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mumble Jumble

So it’s been a long day of wandering around the Science Centre with Marietta on a school trip.  I should be prepping lunches and getting breakfast ready for tomorrow … but right now a cup tea and some blog time sounds more appealing.  If only we had little fairies around here that would do those other things for me.

So here comes a mumble, jumble blog of miscellaneous pictures of this and that.

Aunt Jess is helping the girls learn how to sew, seeing as their mom isn’t exactly very talented in that area.  She came down one evening during the March Break and out of our scrap boxes they found some material and made aprons.


At the beginning of this year a group of girls from Marietta’s Grade 5 class developed an idea that they wanted to sell cards and raise money to send to Haiti.  While I would never want to squash a child’s idea to raise money for someone/something else, I wasn’t quite sure how to approach this idea when it first came up.  The girls really had no plan … except they were going to make cards and sell them.  Who they were going to sell them to and even exactly where the money was going to go they didn’t know … but they were on a mission and away they went.  At first they were excited to reach 30 cards, then 50, then 75 and before we knew it there was over a 100 cards.  It was decided that they could sell the cards during Parent/Teacher Interviews at the end of March. 


There was 5-6 girls who participated, creating a variety of talent and display.  Parent/Teacher Interviews were spread over two nights and so they took turns selling.  Of course, all the “better” cards sold the first night, which brought Marietta home in a panic the next day.  It was her turn to manage the table that night and she had to sell the remaining cards but all the good ones were gone.  The three girls that were managing the table that night worked hard at adding more cards to the collection and I think they even came up with another 25-30 cards to add.

 P1040686 P1040688

We were reminded of how we should encourage our children in such endeavours when the girls were able to raise $183 (that number may be editted, Marietta’s asleep so I can’t confirm how much they made, but that’s the number that is popping into my head).

Matthew discovered stickers and glue a little while ago.  It was neat to see him busy at work on his sticker “map” (as he calls his big piece of paper).    Matthew doesn’t have any art or craft interests in him.  I can hardly get him to hold a pen or pencil long enough to draw a line.  In church he thinks his notebook is for the rest of us to draw pictures for him and when we tell him he’s suppose to do his own writing he just huffs and puffs and scribbles on or two lines and packs away the book … that’s the extend of his skills.

P1040736 P1040738

In April the kids had their bi-annual Easter Concert.  They did a really good job and were quite lovely to listen to.  Our girls love to sing and really enjoy these concerts.

P1040766 P1040767 


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