Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Haircut

It’s a bit of an argument around here on buzz cut or non-buzz cut for Matthew.  So I compromise … longer hair during the fall/winter months, buzz cut during the summer months. Isn’t it great to be a boy where it really isn’t a huge deal to grow out your hair!? (within reason Mark :)

I was quite ready for the buzz cut …. seeing as I am one of the ones who likes the buzz cut, and also considering that the fact that it’s a quicker and easier haircut.

So out came the buzzer   P1040940

Ah … that looks better!  All ready for summer!P1040944

And here’s what it looked like before (Matthew getting his face painted like a Tiger at Giant Tiger’s Anniversary)P1040916

So what do you think … buzz or cut?


Joyce said...

I like the buzz but oh man he is growing up so fast. :)

Rob said...

Buzz fuzz smuzz. Keep the hair

mom in the north said...

I like both, but I admit, it's easier to buzz it. It's the growing out stage that's not always very attractive ...