Monday, May 2, 2011

Rebecca’s 9th Birthday

Sunday came and Rebecca got to enjoy another day of celebration.   Meaghan stayed until after lunch and then Grandpa and Grandma came after second service and the rest of my family after supper.  And what better way to spend your birthday then by going to church … okay, I know, she hasn’t quite gotten to the stage where she thinks that way.

A few presents at breakfast … the best being her “new”  bike as she had outgrown her old one


A few presents after the am church service: clothes and stamps (for scrapbooking, cardmaking)

   P1040468 P1040469

Lots more presents after supper when my family came down for the evening: clothes, Road to Avonlea Season 2 and 3, game Pictureka

P1040473 P1040475   P1040485 P1040487

Rebecca had no idea about the butterfly cake so she was surprised when we appeared with not one, but two cakes.  And if you think she had a lot of boyfriends when all the candles were on one cake … just think how many when they were spread out over two cakes  :)


Uncle Mark and Aunt Val can’t come down without playing a game with the girls.  The girls love Uncle Mark and Aunt Val’s love for games and make a point of taking advantage of it whenever they can.  We keep telling them they can come every Friday night for game night … but they are just too busy with more important things :)

Must be a pretty intense game … everyone has a dictionary out.


So lady-like!!  In this picture Marietta reminds me of my sister Val (above) when she was younger … not the “lady-like” position, she just looks like Val.


And after a busy couple days another birthday was done … a whole year to wait until the next one!  Sure seems like a long time to her, but to us parents it’s unbelieveable how fast a year flies by.  Although Rebecca is two grades behind Marietta when it comes to general life we often have to remind ourselves that she is younger.  She desires to keep up with her sister and does a good job of it too.  Her latest desire has been to catch up to Marietta in piano lessons and for a bit there it looked like she actually would.  She continues to fly through her books but I think Marietta began to feel a bit of pressure to move along a bit faster and pick up the pace before Rebecca surpassed her … Rebecca has her work cut out for her if she wants to catch up to Marietta, but either way both girls are doing very well at the piano and there is almost a constant sound coming from the piano when they are home.  It’s really is unbelievable how big our girls are getting!  It’s a joy to see them grow up and it’s sad to see those “little girl” days disappear.

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