Saturday, June 11, 2011

Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary this year and the local store had the Grades 5-8 classes come to sing


It was a bit silly since they had it at around 8:30 am when nobody was out shopping, so the only people there were those singing and their parents … but it made for a photo opportunity for them seeing as it looks like they had so many people there to enjoy the cake and celebration.  They probably got such a good turn out from the students (it was optional) because the kids were promised some goodies as a thank-you and the parents were promised some really good coupons.  The kids got a water bottle, frisbee and pad of paper in a Giant Tiger reusable bag.  The parents got … nothing!  So much for that promise.   They also announce that they will be expanding the store and when they have their grand re-opening the students would be invited back to sing again … ah, we’re all dutch and we didn’t get our coupons and deals … not so sure I’ll get out of bed early again for a photo opportunity.


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