Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still Loves His Naps

A while ago I posted about Matthew going through a stage where he tried to outgrow his naps (click here), eventually napping won out and he naps most days.  Usually the only time he does not nap is on Sundays and on days when he knows there is something going on after nap time.  We make a point of not mentioning afternoon activities to Matthew as the excitement will prevent him from sleeping … and he still needs that sleep.  Most days he plays for about half an hour and the climbs into bed for a 1-2 hour nap.  He is notorious for having the need for a bowel movement about 5-15 after he goes to his room for quiet time, but once he gets that out of his system he’s good to wind down and go off to sleep.  He always crawls into bed before he falls to sleep and we never find him in funny places in his room anymore

On this particular day he arrived home after school time and fell asleep on the living room floor.  He slept there until just before supper time, when I arrived home to find him quietly snoozing.   He really does need his sleep still.  The funny thing was that he woke up and came to me for a snuggle and had no idea that he had just been sleeping for the past two hours.  He was quite sure that he had just been playing on the floor and got up to come say hi to mom.  I insisted he had just been napping and he insisted he had not.









Another time where he came down from quiet time too soon and just needed to lay his head down for a few minutes yet and catch a quick nap with daddy


Yup, he’s a napping boy, just like his oldest sister who also loved her naps for a long time.  When little, Rebecca was done napping and Marietta was still taking her daily naps.  Even now, Marietta prefers to go to bed earlier then Rebecca (not that she actually makes it to bed before Rebecca since she has such a habit of dilly-dallying and waiting until bedtime to realize she has a million things that still need to be done)  and if Rebecca goes to bed before 8:30-9pm she’s often still awake for quite some time.  Matthew doesn’t quite require as much sleep as Marietta did when little seeing as Marietta still went to bed at 7-7:30 when she was young, but Matthew is in bed around 8:30pm.  Cutting out Matthew’s nap would mean he’s in bed earlier, but I don’t mind him being up later, it gives him more time when the girls and daddy are home to be around them seeing as he spend the day by himself.  With the girls up anyways, it makes no difference to me if one more is up.  Doesn’t seem to make a difference what time he goes to bed, he’s almost always up around 6am … altho he occasionally surprises us and treats us to a late rise of about 7am, very seldom later then that, although it has happened a time or two.

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amymom24 said...

His sleeping habits are just like Micah's! He is almost 5 and still naps about 4-5 afternoons a week. If he doesn't need a nap, he still asks for quiet time. Kinda nice to have a bit of a break in the afternoon, eh?