Monday, April 13, 2009

March Break Part #2

So here it is the end of the Easter Break and I'm finally sitting down to finish the March Break off. After the March Break I had two extremely busy weeks. Last week was a nice calm, quiet week were I got to stay home everyday (Rob laughs at that description since we had to go to appointments or somewhere almost everyday after the kids got home - but since my main "working" hours are during the time the kids are at school I consider them precious if I get to stay home all day and get things done) and get some work done around here ... that is minus Friday, which was Good Friday. So anyways ... four days of catching up ... twas wonderful.
Back to the March Break ... if I can remember! :)
Monday was a quiet day as the kids recuperated from the late nights after our weekend away. On Tuesday we did some visiting and each of us got our hairs trimmed. Wednesday the girls went away for a play day at friends. It worked out that both of them went away on the same day, so I had a quiet day at home with Matthew.
Throughout this time Marietta continued to suffer from her long lasting flu/virus. Somehow she had survived the weekend doing well (we never checked her temp so maybe she still had fevers, but she was having too much fun to complain), but the weekend must have wiped her out becuase Monday she was back to fevers and not feeling well, just wanting to sleep and a bit of a sore throat. This dragged on and as long as I gave her a good dose of Motrin it kicked the fever and she felt okay. Finally Thursday morning I gave up and decided to take her to the doctors ... which made for a very rushed morning, but we managed to drop Matthew and Rebecca off at a babysitter, make it to the doctors, picked up a prescription (doc didn't know what it was but said she didn't look very well and had been sick long enough it was worth trying an antibiotic - she thought maybe a sinus infection), and make it home just on time to meet my parents who were taking us to see Disney on Ice. We picked up Rebecca from the sitter and also took along Esther (friend of the girls, whose mom was watching Matthew and Rebecca).
Since we watch very little TV in our house the kids had not seen very many of the Disney movies in the show, so we had to do lots of explaining while we were watching. But they really enjoyed watching it and thought it was very neat to see. We sat up on the balcony ... so this is as close as my camera could get.

After watching Disney we picked up Rob and went out for an early supper before dropping Marietta off at her piano lessons. Once that was done then my parents took the girls and brought them to Uncle Mark and Aunt Val's were the slept for the night.
The next day Mark and Val took the girls to Toronto Zoo. The girls took there camera along and captures a few pictures just to prove that's where they went.

All that walking at the zoo made for some pretty tired girls that night who were off to bed on time for a good sleep. The medicine began to kick in for Marietta and we stopped seeing fevers, after a couple nights of good sleep she was back to her healthy self.
That brought us to the end of the March Break and the kids were back off to school again. Seems like a long time ago already ... then again it is almost a month ago ... time just flies.

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