Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spoiled by "Santa"

Since we're talking about gift exchanges, here's some pictures of the "other" (grandparents)Santa's visit this year.

On December 23 Jess and I joined mom in making croquettes for the day. The day before Mom and I had prepped the dough, so on Thursday we just had to do the rolling and deepfrying. We made our normal big batch and were finished by supper time.

The rest of the family gathered at supper time to have a chinese-food supper together. We were missing Nathan this year, but were thankful for the amazing progress he had been making and that Aileen and the kids could join us for the evening. After supper the kids were finally able to dig into the pile of presents :)

Rebecca received another spoon for her spoon collection

All excited as he rips open another present

After our last experience with Matthew just being thrilled by unwrapping presents, I (I wrapped some of the presents for mom as they were hidden at our place) got smart this time and wrapped each of the trains and "Thomas items" individually to give him lots to keep him busy.

Mom and Dad sitting back and watching the grandkids ... oh and the kids as well seeing as there was a bit of a wrapping paper war going on between the "men".

Aiden and Matthew examining Matthew's next present ... and in the background is the misbehaving Mark who spent the evening throwing wrapping paper at people ... safe to say he had a few other participants to encourage him to keep going.

Another Lightning McQueen puzzle

Marietta and (Aunt) Jess disappeared for a bit in the afternoon ... this was the result of their mysterious diappearance - a present for Dad.

A new hat!!! Don't you think it suits him well? Jess helped Marietta sew a tea cozy for Rob. Rob has his own teapot and sugar in his office, so he doesn't have to take those 10 steps to the kitchen to get more each time :) But he did not have a nice tea cozy to keep the tea nice and warm like I have in the kitchen. Now he's all set for yummy warm tea.

The girls thought it was pretty interesting that everyone received a present that evening ... except Mom ... who happened to be celebrating another birthday that day. (Just to clarify ... I did receive a gift, it just came inside a card and was not an actual present that I had to unwrap)

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