Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Late the next morning (as in after our Christmas Get-Together) we piled into my Dad's truck, with the trailer hooked up behind it and the snowmobiles loaded on the trailer ... and headed up to Midland for some snowmobiling ... at least that was the plan!

It has been a good number of years since I have gone on any snowmobiling trips .... 10 years to be exact ... when Marietta was six months old. During that trip I believe I never did make it on the snowmobile (although my memory could be wrong on that one) because Marietta was nursing and then she came down with a stomach bug, so she was vomitting and nursing frequently. So the last time I actually got out on the trails for one of those longer trips was back in my high school years.

Back then I didn't have a drivers license yet, and if I did I didn't like driving anyways, and I didn't enjoy driving a snowmobile either. So I thought that this trip it would be neat to get on a snowmobile again as well as actually drive one.

Our internet search told us that Midland was pretty much the only area with open trails. Other areas either had nothing open or were spotty in what they did have open. So off to Midland we headed. We headed up on Tuesday and my parents joined us the next day.

Marietta and Rebecca hanging out on the sleds waiting for Rob to come back from getting the permits so they could go out for a ride. It ended up taking a bit longer then expected and it was dark by time he got back, by then the girls had come in and they decided to wait until the next morning and go when it was light. Rob went out for a short run to see what the trails were like.

Rob took each of the kids out for about half an hour the next morning. Marietta went out first and came back to tell us her experience of falling off the snowmobile when it tipped over onto the road when attempting to drive along the embankment at the side of the road.

I guess her story didn't scare of the other kids because they still went out for a ride. Matthew thought Zoomer was great ... love his grin!

Rebecca's turn

I think actually the kids enjoyed the pool more then snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is just a small sidetrack from the fun of staying in a hotel, swimming and watching TV for a day or so

The kids love to go in the hottub and then jump in the pool ... crazy!!

Matthew started off the first day by clinging to whoever was watching him at the moment and by the end of our trip he was swimming around freely and having a grand old time ... can't believe how long he can keep going without tiring out.

Oh and here's a picture just to show that my parents/dad was actually there :)

The trip ended up being cut short for a couple reasons.

The biggest reason being a breakdown :( Rob and my dad went out for a run to Wasaga Beach Wednesday afternoon and I received a phone call about 5pm asking if I could please come and pick one of them up so they could get the truck and trailer and pick of the snowmobiles. The part needed was not available so it wasn't going to be fixed during this trip.

The other reason was lack of snow. There was snow, but due to the fact that this was pretty much the only area in Ontario that was open everyone had flocked there and the trails had become extremely rough and worn down. Warmer weather meant the snow was melting and lots of rain was on it's way.

So our three night trip was shorten to two nights. On Thursday the kids spent the morning swimming and we headed for home during the afternoon. Being home a day early meant we were well rested and ready to party for New Years Eve!! :)

And in the end, I still didn't get on a snowmobile again ... guess we'll just have to try again sometime :)

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