Monday, February 14, 2011

Christmas Get-Together

It's always nice to get together with Rob's family. We only do this a couple times a year and it's amazing to see how fast the kids all grow and how much they change inbetween these times. Since Rob's family is a bit spread out we do not always see each other a whole lot throughout the year ... I think sometimes the closer we live the less we see of each other ... is that suppose to mean something Ingrid?? :)

Our girls especially love the time to get together with their cousins as according to them we don't do it often enough ... which is true, but life has a way of being busy and with us all having families that we are busy with, some more so then others :) Well, there just isn't time to go driving off every other weekend or so ... besides, last time I checked Rob's busy studying all the time.

Supper preparations

I think between the three of them they manage to figure it out :)

The afternoon is usually spent with some outdoor play for the kids and doing various games or puzzles

whether it's something like Twister

or a requiring a bit more concentration like Chess

or just some good fun like Apples to Apples

Since we now use the school we also have a gym which is quite handy.
They had a good game of volleyball going on for quite sometime. I was not able to get any decent pictures ... gotta work on that, but here's one of Marietta serving. She wanted to play for a bit, but didn't dare since she had only just learned the basics of how to play a few weeks earlier. She finally decided to give it a try and had fun learning.

Ike and Heather being the cheering squad

Matthew practicing his basketball skills

Family Dinner

After some clean-up, coffee and dessert, it's time to head home with our full bellies. Another gathering behind us ... until next summer ... maybe we'll see each other inbetween there too from time to time.

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