Monday, February 28, 2011

Music for Tommy

A few weeks ago Marietta participated in a Music Talent Evening Fundraiser for Tommy and his family. Tommy is a little four year old boy from our church who has spent the last year going through chemo, radiation, stem cell transplant and many tests, scans, appointments, hospital stays, etc for a rare and aggressive form of neuroblastoma cancer.

As soon as Marietta seen the flyer regarding the fundraiser she right away asked if she could play. She enjoys playing the piano and is not afraid to perform.

Before the concert there was a little debate about whether she needed to take her books with or not. She had the pieces well memorized and played them very confidently. In the end she took the books with and decided to use them ... even though she didn't need them ... a sense of security.

We sat three rows back and the church was full ... overflowing and ran out of seating ... so we had a good spot to enjoy everything but even from our spot I really couldn't see Marietta the greatest ... this would also be because Matthew was sleeping on my lap. So when I heard a mistake I felt so bad for her, knowing she would be so disappointed and frustrated with herself.

Turns out it wasn't really a mistake ... her books fell off the paino ledge and onto the piano. Guess maybe she should have just left the books behind, she didn't need them anyways as once they fell off they stayed off.

It was a beautiful night and we heard a great variety of musical talent. Our prayers continue to be with Tommy and his family. While the major treatments are done, we pray that Tommy may regain his strength and if it is the Lord's will may be free from cancer and be able to enjoy life with his family and friends.

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