Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Since I am rediscovering some pics that didn't get posted, here is a couple more of Matthew's 2nd dentist appointment. The first was when they discovered he needed a filling, this is when he went to get his filling.

Not quite sure what to think

Ready to get to work ... so little in that big chair

They did the filling without any freezing. It was on the border of whether they could get away with it, but the felt it would be less traumatic if they could do it quickly without any freezing. I could just see Matthew's eyes behind his sunglasses ... he looked pretty terrified and unsure, but he sat still and did exactly what they said.

The dentist was so impressed with how he did and kept asking how old he was and saying he would had bragging right now to tell about this little boy who sat so still and did so good. Whatever the case, once it was done Matthew didn't seem the least bit fizzled by the process and hopefully that means when we take him to the dentist again next week for a cleaning he'll do just as good.

Picking a treasure from the treasure box.

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