Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Couple Firsts

On January 24th Matthew got to enjoy a couple firsts ... an exciting day for this little boy.

The Grade 3/4 class was going skating and I was able to go along this time, and decided I would take Matthew with to give skating a try. He was absolutely thrilled that he would be able to go skating just like Jack. Jack is a chimpanzee in the movie MVP (Most Valuable Primate) which Matthew had recently watch and ever since then he had walked around the house imitating Jack and pretending to skate and play hockey. I must say Matthew does a pretty good job of acting like Jack, he gets the chimpanzee noises just right and he does not talk and is expressive by his signing and facial expressions ... unfortunately what was cute at first got a little carried away when Matthew would have a hard time converting back to Matthew and insisted on playing Jack at all times ... which as I mentioned involves no talking and hand motions and basic signing. The movie ended up having to be banded until Matthew could learn when it was appropriate to play Jack and when he must be Matthew.

We went to the school so that we could take the bus to the arena. Another big thrill for Matthew who had never been on a school bus before. He kept saying to me "I'm big now!?!" for I previously told him that when he was big he would go on the bus to school just like the girls. I had to work on the fact that he was big enough to go on the bus with Mommy, but not big enough to go on the bus by himself to school yet. He was okay with that idea ... especially considering on the way there he had to sit on my lap and refused to sit on the seat by himself. On the way home he was a bit more relaxed and sat with Rebecca.

Patiently waiting for mom to get her skates on.

Matthew had a grin on his face the minute he stepped on the ice and it never left his face. I had thought I'd have a boy clinging to me wanting help ... how wrong I was. This boy was a natural. He took the pilon and away he went, zooming all over the ice.

And here's a picture with Rebecca in it ... just to prove that it was her class that we went with :)

We went again with the class a few weeks later. Matthew absolutely loves skating and wanted to try without a pilon this time. He quickly learned that the pilon was very helpful for getting up once he fell and so he decided to stick to using it. An hour of skating time isn't enough for him, he could just keeping going and going. He's out of luck at home since the girls do not really like to skate so they never go on the creek. We also had so much snow the last few weeks that skating wasn't possible anymore since it was just too much to clean the creek. It's too bad we don't have a good small patch closer by the house.

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