Monday, March 12, 2012

Yup, I’m back :)

Apparently I’m behind in my blogging again … have you noticed?   I even have my hubby getting after me to blog, man something must be wrong here, isn’t he the one who usually tells me not to waste my time blogging?  My next post will show you why he’s been asking :)

I promised him I’d post several weeks ago, but ended up having issues with my Photoshop program at the time and so it just didn’t get done … until now.  Does anyone else have it that Photoshop freezes up their computer regularly?  My computer seems to go in stages where it works okay, then it gives me more and more trouble until it gets to the point where it’s spends more time freezing then working.  If Photoshop is open my whole computer is bogged down and not cooperative.  Finally I get fed up and remove the program from my computer and reload it and this usually fixes the issue for a while.  It is not an issue of my computer being too “small” for the program as it is well over the requirements to run the program.  I was previously using Photoshop Organize and Elements but because I was constantly dealing with freezing issues I gave up and now I have gone back to my Zoombrowser program for regular photo storage/organization and only use Elements if I want to fix something up.  Since I am not in Photoshop as much I become lazy and only trim stuff instead of doing little fixes since I can’t be bothered to take the extra effort for little not-so-noticeable things.  But it’s still great to have the Photoshop program to be able to do those extra things when time allows or pictures need it.  I wish I could take a class to learn more about the basics of Photoshop, it’s a fun program and has so much in it if I just knew how to use it more.  I always tell myself I will spend some time going over the online videos/tutorials, but it never seems to happen.  Lots of desires, not so much time at this point in life, more important things to tackle right now I guess.

So it’s time to get back to blogging …

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