Friday, March 16, 2012

Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse

On Thursday of the March Break we headed into Hamilton for the day.  In the morning we met with friends and went down to the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse to view the Spring Bulb show. 

This is pretty much how it went



Since the girls now own their own cameras I sometimes think there is no point in taking my own camera, I will just get some pictures off them afterwards.  But often I am disappointed because the pictures aren’t quite what my eye seen or would have captured.  It’s interesting how we all view the same thing differently and our pictures reflect this.  We could learn from each other too.

So I took a few pictures from each of us, trying to keep it down since there were many to choose from.

While Marietta and I like to challenge ourselves on trying to get good closeups … Rebecca remembers to take the whole picture … zooming out to look at everything.  (She was also having trouble getting her macro to work, still part of trying to learn a new camera)

Marietta’s contribution:

DSC00262_1   DSC00330_1 DSC00334_1

Rebecca’s contribution:

 DSC00818_1 DSC00825_1 DSC00804_1

My contribution:

P1090872 2_1P1090897_1

P1090880 2_1  

  And while we had our nose in the flowers Matthew was busy tromping up and down looking at turtles, birds and wondering when it was time to go.


P1090904 2_1


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L.V. said...

Nice job on the pictures girls :) We have yet to download Esther's to see what she too - I'm sure lots of close-ups like you all did too!
Laura :)