Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Photographer

To say that is is a common situation to see would be an understatement


The girls each purchased their own cameras in January and this meant the “kids camera” (an old hand-me-down from my dad that the kids have been using) has now become “Matthew’s camera”.    A four year old with his own camera … hmmmm.  Matthew most definitely has Johannes (that’s my dad) blood in him and we are adjusting to the life of living under the paparazzi … or at least that’s what it feels like at times with the constant flash appearing out of nowhere and everywhere.

  P1090797 2_1

A selection of Matthew’s photos will show you that his world has been small in the last few months … but not to worry as we now have pictures of most of his toys and every corner of the house and lots of ones that we rather not share

It’s not uncommon to be busy working and suddenly out of nowhere a flash be in our face or back or side



These are by far the most common pictures we find on the camera



We get pictures of food


Pictures of pictures


Pictures of animals … oh I mean people

IMG_0213 IMG_0343        

And a large selection of pictures of toys.


You can tell that he watches his mom and sister and see what we do with the camera as he attempts to imitate us from time to time.  But most of the time he just walks around with the camera at his chest and fires the button killing us with his flash.  We’re working on the look and aim and make sure you have a decent picture lined up before you shot.  Good thing Santa brought him his own SD card so that he has tons of room to store his wide selection of masterpieces.

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Ingrid said...

I love it! Keep it up Matthew :)