Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Even better then yesterdays temperatures.  And I like how they bumped up tomorrow temperature by a couple degrees and got rid of those clouds that were there.  Now if Friday can keep rising in temperature and lessening in chance of rain we’d be all set.

P1100012 2

Wow, if only summer could be like this, no humidity just lovely warm weather!


Yup, we did it again … no problem creating another record breaker today, only 12 degrees above the last record.

P1100009 2

Now we all just have to get healthy around here so we can better enjoy it.  Although maybe being unhealthy has allowed us to enjoy it more.  We are all suffering from a lovely virus of fevers, headaches, muscle aches, cough which turns into stuffy/runny nose.  Fevers last for about 3 days, but thankfully a good combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen seems to get the fevers under control most of the time, allowing for bouts of feeling normal, or closer to normal.  It seems to also held the kids headaches but for Rob and I even the medication does not seem to ease the pressure in our head. 

Rob actually was the one who introduced this virus to our family last week.  He started on Wednesday and was sick for several days, unable to function or do any work.  He couldn’t read or look at his computer screen because his head hurt so bad.  He was often in bed exhausted or fighting off the fever chills.  Then stubbornly he would get back out of bed and attempted to keep going at his work … the deadlines still loomed over his head (probably creating an even bigger headache) and the work had to be done.  But in vain for this just sent him back to bed.  Since we knew this virus was going around and that it took some days we thought he just had a good dose of it and waited for it to play itself out.  But by Sunday we realized he needed to see a doctor and so Monday morning he went in.  There was some crackling in his chest.  They did not bother to take x-rays but said it’s either pneumonia and/or bronchitis.  Both have the same treatment plan, they gave him antibiotics and he’s been getting back on his feet, finally returning to school today.

So far the rest of us have been fortunate to just stick to the basic virus.  Marietta is better, I’m part there, fevers gone but headache and sniffles/cough still pretty strong.  Matthew and Rebecca just started today, but have still been able to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

Another day of this and then it looks like we slowly slide back down to closer to normal temperatures. 

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