Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

I know I’m not very faithful at actually posting on the day of an event … but I have to point out that this is from TODAY.  

Take a look at that!!!  Better yet, look at tomorrows forecast!!


Here you have it … the thermometer on the shady side of the house

P1090991 2

And this on the sunny side of the house (altho the thermometer is under the shade of the porch)


Maybe if you’re down in Australia this would seem like regular weather on a late March day … but for Canada this is quite strange.  And it’s one thing to have one or two days like this …. but we’ve been enjoying the double digits for over a week now.  The average normal temperature in March is 2.2C.  This is not to say that our memories cannot remember having warm weather during March Break before, but over a week of steady summer like weather we have not had.  Running around in t-shirts and shorts is a very rare opportunity for March, one that we are very much enjoying.


Our bodies are in for a shock in a week or so when we have to go back to normal temperatures.   Although I will be very glad to say good-bye to the mosquitos.  It’s quite scary when one sits outside in March and gets eaten up by mosquitos … I hope we get a real sudden extreme cold snap that kills them all off!!  (Unfortunately I just read here and here that mosquitos actually live in the winter … well maybe a cold snap will kill the females before they lay their eggs … wishful thinking)

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