Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disney on Ice 2012

Well I sort of got a little disorganized in my posts.  This one actually belongs a bit back, during the March Break.  On Thursday, March 15th after we went to the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse we headed over to Copps Coliseum to see Disney on Ice.  Last year we went to see Disney on Ice, but it was not the most successful trip for Matthew as he was scared most of the time and was not feeling well.  So we thought we’d give it a try again this year.  He right away knew what we were talking about when we said we were going to Disney on Ice and was excited to go … no leftover fear from last year.  He has also outgrown his extreme fear during videos/movies so that helped as well.  He was super excited that we were going with Aiden again. 

This year even Rob was going to attend.  After just completing several major papers we decided it would be good for him to have an afternoon off.  But that was not to happen.  Instead he took the whole day off … to stay in bed and try recuperate from the fevers, chills, headache, and cough that he had.   He ended up being in bed for several more days, until Monday he finally ended up on antibiotics for pneumonia and/or bronchitis (they didn’t do x-rays to see which it was since the treatment is the same).

Waiting for the show to begin


The show begins

P1090933 2_1

Intently watching

P1090935 2_1

Various pictures from the show

P1090937 2_1 P1090939 2_1 P1090943 2_1  P1090954 2_1 

Grand Finale. 

P1090952 2_1

This show was better then last years. The kids enjoyed it. I think this will be our last time attending. They are all somewhat similar and they’ve seen it now.

After the show we went out for supper at King’s Buffet.    My mom and sister Val met us there.

The kids watching the fish

DSC00452_1 DSC00455_1 

Since it just so happened to be Val’s birthday we had the staff come out and sing to her (and bring her a free mug)


Naoh trying to take in the clapping and singing and candle

DSC00462 2_1

Matthew was quite upset that we were not going to MacDonald’s for supper.  He wanted to go to a “play place”.  We insisted he would enjoy eating here but he was not convinced.  He has been to King's Buffet before so he was not all that interested in the food options and just wanted to go somewhere to play with Aiden.  Well for someone who didn’t want to go here for supper he sure had a grand ole time.  We gave Matthew free reigns to eat what he wanted.  “I’m allowed to be bad” was what we heard repeatedly.  Previously we would be selective in what he can have, allow certain things in the diet to be relaxed but limited how much he could inhale of various things and trying to steer him in the right direction.  The only restriction he had for this night was no rice, but since he didn’t ask for anything rice it was pretty much free reign for him.  He stated right away “I want wheat”.  I’m not so sure he really realizes what that means, but he knows he can’t have wheat and it effects a lot of what he eats.  So he chose pizza (which also has milk) and quite enjoyed it, along with various chicken balls and shrimp and meats and fries.  He had quite the plate full and ate most of it before he headed off for the dessert section and enjoyed several plates of fruit and 3 cupcakes … he was just thrilled over the cupcakes.  Inwardly I cringed at the thought of what kind of kid I would deal with the next day but to see the delight on his face was quite lovely. 


We were surprised the next day when we did not have any major emotional/attitude symptoms.  We did see the effects of the meal over the next few days in his stools, but even that was not too major.   It’s nice to be able to allow those occasional “treats”. For the next week he would proudly tell people about how he went to Disney on Ice and then “I was bad” … a little explaining was necessary for that one.  I don’t usually let me kids go around bragging about how bad they were :)  With time we hope that we can open Matthew’s world up a bit more … but overall he has a pretty good variety of food and since everything is GF at home it’s usually only an issue when we go out that he’s restricted because of wheat.  Previously we allowed this to slip when we went out, but we have come to realize that this caused problems when done too often.  So we keep a tight reign on it and this was the first time in a long time that Matthew had wheat.  We have slowly been introducing milk into his diet, small amounts in recipes and so far so good.  A rice trial some time ago showed us that rice is still an issue for him … no rice and no wheat makes pasta a hard option in our house and potatoes a common food (one he does not like)  But overall the diet has a good amount of variety and he has learned that there are times in life you just have to eat things even though you don’t really enjoy them.

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