Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Track and Field

This year (June 11th) the girls got to partake in their first real track and field day. At their old school they did not have a true Track and Field day but instead it was a Play Day, (see previous years here and here) where they worked together as teams through various games - mostly sport related - such as soccer kick, baseball challenge, hockey challenge, sack races, waterballon volleyball.

The girls of course think Play Day is more fun. We sort of liked the true Track and Field day better then Play Day ... and there were games as well as the regular track and field events. Regardless it's a day out of the classroom, outdoors, and working as a team with the rest of the school. (While they are mostly doing things individually they are in teams to cheer and encourage each other along and to learn team cooperation and spirit. There points are added up as a team and not individually).

It was beautiful weather, sunny and warm, not hot!

A few shots:

Rebecca and the 100 meter run

Marietta doing the hurdles

Basketball Dribble - dribble around the pilons and back, each time they use two hands or lose their ball and have to restartthey lose a point (they start with 5pt I believe) and if they score a basket at the end they get 2 (or was it 3)pts.

Rebecca waiting in line for the obstacle course

Matthew playing on the high jump mat while it was not in use.

Rebecca doing the obstacle course

Marietta and the running long jump

Rebecca playing Alaskan Baseball (see rules here, it's a pretty fun game and good for all ages, but especially younger kids)

Running the bases

So as you can see it's not all strictly track and field, but a combinations of track and field and games.

Rebecca did get hurt at one point during the day. On the obstacle course she banged her chin pretty bad, but she still finished the course before we took her in to the staff room to get some ice and sit out for a bit. She hobbled for a bit but after some good icing decided to get back out there and play. Matthew decided to wipe out on the gravel a little while later ... back to the staff room for some cleaning up and bandages. Marietta made it through the day without any incidence/accidents :)

Rebecca was especially excited at the end of the day because much to her surprise her team won the overall 1st place. Since they do not post the results throughout the day the kids really have no idea until the very end who is getting the most points. Another fun day and another sign that school was almost done for another year.

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