Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer HairDo

It took me a bit longer then I expected, although not too bad. Marietta's took about an hour because I tried to let her stay sitting up and watch TV while I did it. I finally gave up and made her put her head down. Rebecca's went quite a bit faster as she just lay down when I needed to do the bottom and I think we were probably done in 35-40 minutes.

Going out with the girls means we have to stop every few minutes to accept a compliment about how nice or neat their hair is or answer a question about how long it took to do their hair ... most people don't think to ask how long it stays in and are surprised that you can wash their hair with it in. I certianly wouldn't bother with such a hairdo if it was only going to last a day or two!!

On the pictures Marietta's hair has been in for 1.5 and Rebecca's for 1 week. It's great not having to worry about doing their hair. Marietta mostly does her own hair, but Rebecca does not and she has terrible hair when it comes to knots ... hence the hairdo. With all their swimming it would be awful having to constantly do her hair. The goal is to get 3 weeks out of the hair-do, but Marietta's elastics started popping at about 1.5 weeks. Lesson for next time: don't put the elastics in too tight. At two weeks I replaced some or her top ones ... it doesn't look quite as nice anymore as you lose the whole weave pattern, but good enough. So we have now made it to 3 weeks for her hair and 2.5 weeks for Rebecca's (with no popped elastics yet :)

The Sunday version:


Corrina said...

HAHA i am trying right now to convince Kyra to let me do that to her hair. She cant be bothered with her hair right now its in a bunch of braids.
must find a good movie or tv show for her to watch and get to work

HH said...

Wow Steph, they look gorgeous. That's amazing that it stays in that long too. Super cool!

Lisa said...

I remember your girls having their hair like that when we were still in Hamilton, and I always meant to ask you how you did it! Robyn's hair is too thick, but maybe I could try on Lydia, although when I try to do her hair, she always cries that I am pulling her "baby hairs" in the back. It's good that you "trained" them early to be used to it!

T.B.H. said...

I actually saw (you and)your girls at the One Day Choir festival and was totally impressed with their hair. It looks stunning!

Steph said...

My girls will complain about their baby hairs too ... although I found when I did this they didn't complain all too much. Just depends on how much I'm tugging :)

It's really a simple hairdo. Quick and easy to do. I have no idea what you would call it otherwise I'd search on the internet to see if there was any sort of explanation. I really don't know how to explain it myself, it's easier to show someone - guess you have to come on down to see for yourself :)

Rebecca has somewhat thicker hair, not really thick, but not thin either and it works fine for her. When I want it to stay in longer I do 7-9 elastics starting at the top/front of their head, but if I'm in a hurry I just do five. It's pretty flexible on how many or how few you want to do. Usually I only do the top to make like a large headband and that works just as good. The girls just comb the back of their hair and they're ready to go. And that only takes me about 15 minutes so I can get both of them done in one Little House on the Prairie show :)

Rebecca wants me to do braids next (hers is coming out this week - it's been 4 weeks) ... they take so much longer to do and only last 1-2 weeks :( Nice but not worth my time.