Saturday, July 10, 2010

Piano Recital

On May 26 the girls had their first piano recital. Marietta has been playing piano for two years and Rebecca just started this past year. I knew Marietta would like the idea of a recital but I thought Rebecca would be too nervous ... I was wrong, she was quite thrilled by the idea. Both girls played well and enjoyed it too. They each played seperately as well as playing a couple songs together.

It's been about six weeks since they finished their lessons for the year, but both girls faithfully sit down at the piano each day and practice or tinker. Marietta especially loves to play and is often told to get off the piano and go do her chores. She loves to watch the pianist or organist at concerts and has talked about playing organ when she gets older. We'll see how far it all goes, for now our main goal is to have children who can read music, understand the basics of it, and be able to play the basics ... if they desire to go further with it that's great!

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