Friday, July 9, 2010

Balls Falls

Back to May again ...

During those 10 days that Rebecca was sick her class was scheduled for a trip to Balls Falls Conservation Area. The class had been studying pioneers and would be spending a morning learning and seeing different pioneer things and the afternoon hiking/walking. I was scheduled to go along as a mom/helper. Poor Rebecca was devastated by the idea that she would not be able to go. While most kids hate the idea of missing a school/class trip I could especially have empathy for her since I knew how much she loves pioneer days as all the literature she (and her sister) reads is about pioneer times. As time went on and she continued to be oddly sick we questioned how much exposure she should have with other kids. By time they were suppose to go on her trip it was now day 8 of her "illness". We decided that she could go on the trip but I would drive there and if she wasn't feeling well we would come home.

We did not even make it a half hour into the tour and she began to look pale and sick and when I was helping her try to do needle work she began to cry that she didn't feel well and her tummy hurt. Temperature check revealed a fever. Pumped some medicine in her and had her eat something and she was determined to try keep going. She perked up in about half and hour and had a wonderful time the rest of the day. I had trouble holding her back as she wanted to run and play and join the others in all the games and activities.

They had a wonderful tour of the pioneer village. It was especially nice that they didn't just look at the things but they got to try out all the different things they learned about. The tour was well done and a lot of fun for the kids.

Making rag dolls.

Doing needlework/quilting.

Making Flatbread and Churing Butter. While the kids were busy making flat bread each of the kids had to stand and churn th butter for a period of time in order to show how this has to be done for a long time, continously and how you are stuck at the churn while other things are going on around you.

Baking the bread. First they had to get the stove ready to put the bread in by closing the chimney and removing all the logs.

The boys got to put the bread in the oven using this paddle.

Building a barn. They were shown how to wedge together the wood and how wooden nails and hammers were used. Each child had a chance to hammer in a nail.

Ploughing the fields ... or in this case the garden.

Pumping water to do the wash.

Carrying water

Washing the clothes

After a few rounds of Red Rover and some lunch we headed down the trail for a walk and to see the falls.
These are remains of the original mill that was on the property.

The Grade 2 class with Grandma (ah hum, I mean Mrs. D) as teacher:


The Church

I am so glad Rebecca was able to go. She enjoyed the rest of her day and did well with no fevers. She ran and played and seemed to have lots of energy. I kept reminding her to slow down, but she wanted to go. We got home, had snack and she crawled on the couch ... fever again, she was sound asleep in no time and slept for several hours before crawling into bed for a good nights sleep. .

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