Thursday, July 15, 2010


Quite the amazing beehive, eh!!
It really was too bad that we had to destroy it. But it simply wouldn't be safe to have such an item "hanging around" !

So I'm curious what you think ... how long do you think it took the bees to make this hive??? (and if I already told you the answer don't spoil the fun! :)

It's always amazing to see the wonders of God's creation at work. This sent us to our computers to read up about bees and beehives and how they are made. We learned about the difference between beehives (made of wax that bees produce) and wasp/hornet hives (made of papery material from wood pulp) as well as how colonies are created and maintained. We learned a bit about the work of the bees and their lifespan. It was all quite interesting and it's always a nice science lesson to learn things because you are confronted with a question or situation that you would like some answers too.


Steve said...

speaking of nature: today was my first time watching twin calves being born. I've heard of calf pulling but I didn't actually think I'd see someone heaving like crazy trying to get the calves out.

Mrs. Bob said...

my initial guess was a week... but perhaps only two or three days? or less?

Steph said...

ah yes ... tie the rope around the legs and pull with all your might. a birth is always an amazing sight!

Lisa said...

What an amazing sight!! It's so neat that you and the kids got to experience that and learn from it! I have to ask- how did you get rid of it??

Rob and Stephanie said...

It took less than one day. I moved the bench back when mowing the lawn after supper, and it was like that when I got home from work the next day. It was sad to destroy such a wonderful masterpiece, but alas, it had to be done. Raid wasp and hornet killer works great. It shoot a jet stream into the nest from 5 feet away. The nest just crumpled like a cotton candy in your hand. Just beware, if you have a larger nest, to have a 2nd can handy, since a can does not last very long!

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a swarm than an amazing bee hive to me. You should have made a phone call to your local police who could have got a local bee keeper to take the swarm away and add them to his apiary letting them live and contribute to the ecology and economy.

But you didn't. So, well done on killing a swarm at a time when bee populations are in crisis, and very well done for your comment advising other dickheads can do the same thing.

It staggers me that god could make something like that then go and make such stupid, ignorant people as yourself and put them on the same planet.