Friday, June 26, 2009

The Summer Cottage

Now that schools out we can turn our focus to our summer vacation ...realizing that it's just around the corner now.

We decided not to camp this year, but instead to go cottaging ;) Below you can see pictures of the lovely country cottage we will be occupying ... how's that look for a cottage???? Only about three times bigger then our home.

For the month of July we are housesitting at my parents home. We will probably do some day trips or an overnight camping trip or two, but that's the extent of what we've plan for the summer ... we'll see as the summer comes what we feel like doing or not doing. This is more my style of holidaying ... I'm not all that fond of camping. I plan to treat the month of July like a holidays - lazing around, relaxing, lots of visiting and visitors. I managed to prep plenty of baking and meals already to make it even less work. And I'll just tell you up front, in case you come for a visit ... I'm not cleaning that big house spic and span all the time ... we'll survive in a bit of disorder ... so if you're coming down, dress down and kick back and relax with us ... I'm on holidays remember!! :) I'm looking forward to the wide open space for the kids to run and play, enjoy evening campfires and hopefully some swimming, but most of all the quiet! We're looking forward to being back in old surrounds and visiting with those we know in the area. We're just looking forward to the summer, so hopefully we're not disappointed in the end.

So we have plenty of room ... outdoors and indoors ... for visitors. So bring yourself on down for a visit. You can camp in the yard or enjoy the guest rooms or other spaces in the house ... no worries we can fit extras and we'll enjoy the company. If you want to do some visiting in the area or some sight seeing and are looking for a place to snooze we can accomodate. Pop on in!! I'll just forwarn that Rob is still working (work will only be a few minutes away now), but he might be around in the evenings and will be there for the weekends. Our contact information remains the same - our phone service is being forwarded there and e-mail stays the same of course.

Anyways ... now to the pictures of this cottage:

View from the back yard


View from the front yard (can't see much with the trees in the way)

Guest Room and Music/Entertainment/Family Room (whatever you want to call it)


Living Room and Kitchen

View of the garden from the wrap-around-porch

Oh ... and there's a good chance the blog may become a bit more silent ... or at least a whole lot more picture-less seeing as we'll be relying on dial-up. So no fear, I'm still connected, but don't expect quick and immediate responses like before ... and for sure no more MSN :) Ah ... I'm actually looking forward to it ... it's that love-hate war I have with my computer :)

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HH said...

All sounds and looks awesome, Steph. Enjoy your time away :)