Friday, June 5, 2009

Some More May Pictures

Just a few more May pictures and we're almost caught up.

The kids went for the spring session of swimming lessons for April and May. They love going and always enjoy it. They are both in Level 3 right now, and they both did not pass. I did not expect them to pass, although I must say they did very well and improved greatly. They are still small and don't quite have the endurance to swim the longer lengths yet. I had told them before they started that this level would be harder and they likely would not pass, but that it is all for learning and having fun at the same time. So that's what they did ... they went out and tried their best, but they had fun too. I thought Marietta might pass, but I'm glad she didn't ... that way I only have to hang around for one class at a time, kinda handy having them in the same level.

Over the May long weekend we went to my parents for a night and enjoyed some fireworks. We have watched fireworks with the kids from the porch at home over the past couple years, but never had our own so they were quite thrilled when they found out Grandpa had bought some. Matthew was not the least bit fizzled by the noise and quite enjoyed it (not to say the same about Taryn and Aiden, right Nat & Aileen? ;). He loved the sparklers also, and once again demonstrated his "no fear" attitude while swinging it around and banging them against things.

On Monday we had a quiet day and took some time out in the afternoon to go for a walk along the Bruce Trail. The kids always love these times and we really have to try a bit harder to get off and do them ... but there always just seems to be so much going on.

And I don't have pictures from the rest of our week (can you believe it?). From May 20th to May 23rd Rob and I took off by ourselves for a few days break and to celebrate 10 years of marriage. It was one of my best holidays ... nothing special, it was good simply because I did nothing. I have a habit of trying to fit as much as possible into a holiday, gotta see everything, check out everything, get our moneys worth. But this time it was all about resting and relaxing. On Wednesday we took off to Toronto and enjoyed seeing the performance of the Sound of Music. It was amazing, we absolutely loved it. Rob was just thrilled by the props and stage set-up and spent the time trying to figure out how they did it all. Since we really have no theatre experience we have nothing to compare to, but we thought it was done beautifully and was worth our trip. We only wished that we had taken Marietta with. Marietta has a great fascination for how movies/plays/tv shows are made - the whole acting thing. She has a hard time understanding that it is just normal people doing their job when it comes to acting. It would have been great for her to see the actors in real and how the stages and effects are made and maybe would have answered some of the many questions she often has when trying to understand drama.
We spent the night in Toronto, did some walking, shopping, reading and best of all going to be early and sleeping in. The next day we headed off to Collingwood to spend a couple nights at the Cranberry Resort. They're one of those places that always calls to have you come for cheap and then you have to listen to their Timeshare thingie. Well we got their cheap deal at half price, so with the throw ins (breakfast and dinner vouchers) the stay was basically free. Can't say I thought the place was all that great ... just a regular hotel and the grounds weren't all that special (unless you like to golf maybe). But we were just there to do nothing and that's what we did. We did some walking, some talking, some shopping, some reading, some sleeping, some eating, and a whole lot of nothing ... twas great to just spend time together with the two of us. And we listened to the two hour timeshare thingie ... and really, if we weren't students with a future plan to be in the ministry ... I think I'd consider the whole timeshare thing.
And we're almost at the end of May, I'll save the last weekend for a seperate post.

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