Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finishing off June

The end of June was busy as the kids finished up school and we tried to complete all the things that should be done around home before we "moved" to our summer location.

On Saturday, June 27 we were able to successfully through a surprise 60th Birthday Party for my mom. We didn't think we'd be sucessful as we knew she was quite busy getting ready for their trip out west and had no spare time for parties ... but in the end she was surprised (and perturbed that nobody forwarned her so she could dress a bit better :). We had a nice evening of fellowship and eating :) This is the only picture I managed to get, and since it was getting a bit dark it's really not the greatest, but will have to do.
To add to the business of the end of June Matthew threw in another sickness ... this time with tonsilitis and a double ear infection. Poor little guy was more then just a little bit miserable. Since many things had been left to last minute before we left this threw a bit of a wrench into some plans as he was constantly in my arms ... but in the end we still managed to leave on our scheduled day. It took quite a bit to get Matthew to sleep during those days as his ears were pretty bad this time around. He only wanted to sleep with me in the lazyboy and refused to let me put him in his bed ... sometimes I managed to get him to fall asleep in our bed with a bottle, all propped up on pillows and watching TV. Needless to say it was a few sleepless nights for both parties involved.

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HH said...

awww...hope his feeling much better now :)