Friday, June 5, 2009

Chatham Weekend

Last weekend we decided to head off to London and Chatham. Our goal was Chatham on Sunday in order to be there for the farewell service of Rev. V. who is leaving to do mission work in PNG. It was shorter then usual when it comes to our weekends away ... but was great nevertheless.

We left on Saturday afternoon, starting with a visit to Ted and Lydna's. Been a long time since we've been there ... can't believe how much the kids keep growing. We then moved on to Rob's mom's place for supper. Unfortunate for us was the fact that Matthew had not napped and so he was an absolute terror who refused to eat and refused to listen so we packed it up relatively quickly after supper and headed off to the "K" Hotel for the evening/night.

Matthew loved Grandma's little size chairs.

We had a lovely Sunday, I always find it so amazing how it feels like we never left. We listened to Rev. V. preach two service, probably the last time we'll hear him. We heard that they had a lovely Farewell Evening on Friday and heard words of encouragement to and from both Rev. V and the congregation.

Our only plan for Sunday was that we would stay for lunch ... as usual, just like old times, for the rest we didn't make plans as we sort of left last minute. Everytime we go we plan ahead and then always feel bad that we have to turn down other invitation for a visit ... so this time we figured we'd just play it by ear ... and it turned out very nice.

The kids sitting together at lunch time. So far our kids are still able to just step back in and join the others, this is nice to see as I'm sure as they get older this will not be so easy anymore.

I think the highlight of the trip for the kids (oh and us too :) came after church when we went for coffee at Ralph and Anita's. The kids had told us on the way up how Anita had invited them down last time to come and see their Llama's. Well it didn't quite go like that ... the kid's remember "some lady" inviting them down to see their animals and that they had an animal that's kinda like a horse but starts with L. The only person we could think of was Anita as we knew they had various animals, but we did not believe they had Llama's so we couldn't put the puzzle together ... guess we were wrong.

So we went off to see the various animals. Starting with Spirit the mini horse. Ralph thinks he's a bit tpp big to teach Spirit how to take a rider ... so we tried Matthew instead :) As usual Matthew wasn't the least bit fizzled by the horses and just trompped in the pen and walked in and around the horses like they were smaller then him.

Next it was off to see, pet, and feed the rabbits, guinea pig, chickens, silkies and pheasants, as well as collect the chicken eggs. The girls also got a chance to see a chick pecking it's way out of an egg in the incubator.

Marietta loved the baby bunnies. She was also somewhat taken by the mini horses ... until she fed Spirit and he nipped her.

Matthew asking for more food to give to the rabbits and guinea pig and then he would clap each time after an animal took his food.

And of course, let us not forget the llama's ... I think Ozzie is in need of some dental work.

Such a loving animal ... notice the recipient isn't quite a loving/giving ;) Ozzie was sure to keep his tabs on us ... I'm not so sure he was being loving, I think it was more like making sure I stayed out of their territory.

The offer to stay and house sit for a weekend or so sounded very exciting ... unfortunately I forgot that we already have a wedding to go to that weekend ... too bad! :( The kids are going to be quite disappointed ... I just won't say anything and hope they forget ;)

After our hobby farm tour it was off to Hilco and Ann's for supper. Afterwards the kids spent some time playing outside on the "hillbilly" slide and then went for a walk down by the river.

And as we drove home the famous question came again "why can't we move back to Chatham?"

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