Monday, March 16, 2009

Rebecca is Seven

On March 6th we celebrated Rebecca's 7th birthday. As with most kids she has been looking forward to this birthday for a long time ... especially because on her 7th birthday she was finally allowed to have a pet. Since Marietta's last birthday Rebecca has been asking for a pet. She decided near the beginning she wanted a fish ... a goldfish ... and has since constantly talked about the fish she was going to get. Santa gave her a small 5 gallon aquarium and so two weeks before her birthday we got it all set up and ready for her fish ... and then finally came the day she was allowed to go pick out her fish.

Left: The tank all set up and ready
Right: Swimmer and Goldie

Thankfully Rebecca was healthy this year for her birthday. This time it was Marietta who was sick. Marietta spent the day at home, resting, so she'd have energy to party later on. After school Rebecca had her friend Meaghan over and we all went to Chatters Indoor Playground for a couple hours of fun. We hit the place on a good day as there were no birthday parties going on at the time and we left before any arrived.

I think Matthew enjoyed the place the most, and was far from ready to leave when the girls decided to call it quits. The playset is designed in such a way that he could get up and around it all on his own. Parents are also able and allowed to play/crawl around. The only help he really needed was a little boost to get up to the big slide ... I imagine done on purpose to prevent little kids from going down ... but Matthew showed no fear and quite enjoyed it.

Left: The kids are all lying down on the "stairs". It was Matthew who started this idea. The girls found him lying on one of the stairs ... guess he was getting a little tired out ... so they all joined in.
Right: No Fear ... Matthew heads down the slide.

They had great fun making trains and racing each other down the slides.

Punching bag time ... ahhhh ... watch out for Matthew

Birthday cake time. I had planned on making a goldfish cake, but Rebecca found a Garfield cake mold downstairs and insisted on Garfield ... even though she hasn't the faintest idea who he is. Either way it still tasted the same :)

Left: Marietta made bookmarks for Rebecca who requested these for her new Bible and Psalm book, which she knew she would be receiving for her birthday. Marietta even made enough that she has some for her regular reading books too.
Right: new sunglasses

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