Friday, March 20, 2009

Fructose Malabsorption #3 and #4

Yup ... here we go again. A few weeks ago Marietta and I went for Fructose Malabsorption Breath Hydrogen tests to see if we too have FM. Not surprising, the results came back positive for both of us.

Due to a long list of symptoms and a search for answers on my continual headaches as well as recent GI issues I requested a test as I suspected I had some form of FM, although certain things just didn't add up. Whether this is the answer to my headaches issues it debateable and rather unlikely, but I do see it as being related to the GI issues. I have always blamed my headaches on TMJ, but I also know that certain foods and smells give me headaches, so I have been on a quest to try and get these under better control. The last few months of trying to figure things out lead me to believe that my TMJ does play a large factor, as well as the dry eye syndrome I have. A trial of a low fructose diet is the only way I'm going to figure out if it is also a factor. A couple months ago I did a complete sugar-free and low fructose, preservative-free diet but did not feel any better afterwards ... actually I felt worse, but I wonder if that is because of the lack of proper nutrition on the diet. So we will try just a low-fructose diet, something we're somewhat used to around here anyways, and sort of incorporate already into our daily eating.

My reasoning for taking Marietta to be tested was sort of on a whim. For some time she had been complaining of a "side-ache" or sharp pains in her chest area. She would also continously complain that she didn't feel well but would not be able to explain what didn't feel well ... just that she felt "under the weather". I felt that she was likely looking for attention with all the diets and health issues in our house so we provide a bit of extra attention but she persisted. I noticed that some of her complaining came after eating and began to wonder if she had some form of indigestion or bloating. I happened to be at the doctor a couple days later and just requested to get her tested to. It was sort of just to check and sort of just to allow her some medical attention. About ten minutes into the test Marietta began to feel unwell and her regular complaints of chest pains, etc came out. I could tell she was being honest, and about an hour into the test she complained that she felt like she was going to throw up, something she had not previously complained about. By the end of the test she said it was starting to go away. The technician completed her test already while we were there, so we weren't surprised when she told us that the test was positive.

What does this mean?? Not really sure.

For myself. I will have to do a trial of a very low fructose diet to see how this fits into the scheme of things.

For Marietta. I don't think it means anything major as she's generally healthy and well. We have told her to take note of when she has any indigestion and let us know and we will slowly figure out what foods trigger her symptoms. I have a feeling she only reacts when she has a decent over-dose, but can handle a fair amount of fructose. At this point we have done very little to change her diet, but the positive result lets us know that if she begins to have more problems we know what is likely bothering her and what to do.

For Rebecca. It gives me more confidence that Rebecca's FM is mild and likely not the true problem that we are dealing with. Rebecca now has a pretty normal diet, avoiding the obvious fructose issues. This is allowing her to feel like she's normal and not different (something we came to realize was bothering her). Lately Rebecca has been doing quite well, we still have issues, but we are often able to related these to a anxiety or stress issue. We feel the less focus on what she eats and medicines has helped her relax and do better.

For Matthew. It just makes me wonder, but no changes there. He definitely is our most sensitive FM case.


HH said...

Oh wow Steph, you definitely have it going on in your family don't you? Wishing you all the very best as mother, because ultimately you have to deal, sort and find solutions for your children how best it is for them to cope with these extra little inconveniences. Your the one that provides the food, so it must take an enormous amount of effort to try and get these diets right. I know I'd fail miserably, just dealing with two chucky kids right now is sending me over the edge ;)
All the best and thinking of you.

amymom24 said...

*sigh* May God give you the strength to persevere through all of the constant health issues and battles your family faces! And may He also provide the answers to your questions soon.