Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Four Eyes are Better then Two

Last week the girls picked up their new prescription glasses. While Rebecca was in great need of glasses, Marietta was on the borderline of needing them. We decided since we were out glasses shopping we would get Marietta some too so that she could use them at school and church, it will be up to her if she wants to wear them all the time. They have had them for almost a week now and you can tell how wonderful Rebecca finds it to be able to see things clearly now. She wears her glasses all the time, even though by the end of the day her eyes are a bit strained or her ears a bit sore, she is really enjoying being able to read signs and see things clearly. I look forward to hearing about her experience when she goes back to school (March Break right now) and can see the board clearly. Marietta on the other hand enjoys to wear her glasses when she goes out so other can see them, but since she is not in such a great need of them it's not uncommon for her to have them off at home.


HH said...

They look fantastic on the girls! They are so pretty :) I remember when I first had to wear glasses...boy is that a long time ago now. When my first baby came along I switched to contact lenses and have stuck with them ever since. The girls look great!

Michelle said...

They look great on the kids
!!!! As for Marietta tho.. I would discourage her for wearing them when she doesnt have too, I had this also and only really needed them for distance to see things.. wasn't bad at all..but I didn't listen and wore them all the time and my eye sight got worse.. Now I can't see anythign unless I have them on!!!

Steph said...

I had a similar experience Michelle, although the eye doc will tell you it makes no different.

I wore my glasses all the time for the first year. In high school I decided I didn't like them or the look of them, so I carried them with me and only used them if necessary in class. My eye doctor told me as long as I realize I could not see well without them and was not squinting and trying to read things without them then this would be fine. So I did this. My eye slowly got better during those years ... of course not all the way better, but my prescription needs became less.

Then I decided I wanted to see all the time so I tried contacts. I gave this a few years try of lots of troubles ... painful eyes, them just popping out at times, etc. I gave up and went back to only wearing if needed ... which I still do. A few years ago I found out that the reason for my contact issues was due to having blepharitis and dry eye syndrome, not a good combination with contacts. During those contact years my eye did not improve and got slightly worse again. A couple years ago they did improve again and have held steady since.

We have told Marietta it is fine to just wear them when needed, but we find it a bit difficult with children to do this. She then has to remember to take proper care that they don't get wrecked when she's not wearing them. She has to remember to take them to school and bring them home...etc. (I guess a 2 for 1 deal would have been good for her). In some ways it's just easier to wear them all the time, then they're always on your nose. We'll see what she decides to do.

Lisa B. said...

My Josh got glasses at the beginning of grade 3 (he's in grade 4 now). He only wears them for school and church and when he reads at home. He is a very active kid, so I was a bit worried that I would be constantly buying him new glasses. I have only ever bought him the first pair.
He wears them to school in the morning. He takes them off for recess & Phys.Ed. He wears them home again after school and takes them off. We have a special spot for his glasses on the kitchen counter so we always know where they are. He's only misplaced them once and found them back quickly.
As long as Marietta gets into a routine, she'll be fine.
Lisa Baker

amymom24 said...

Lookin' good, girls! Everytime Kevin gets a new prescription, he also goes through a week of marvelling at all the things he can see again:)