Sunday, March 8, 2009

Christmas Program

Yes, the title is right. Yes, this is a picture from the Christmas Program. Yes, I'm a bit behind on my blogging ... but ... no, this is not from December.

On February 20th the kids of Timothy were finally able to present there Christmas Program after it was cancelled in December due to the last day of school before the Christmas Holidays being a snow day. The bad weather carried on into the evening and so the Christmas Program was postponed until February

I must say it was quite nice to have the program in February. It would be worthwhile for the staff to consider moving away from always having a Christmas or Easter Program (they rotate, so next year we'll be having an Easter Program) and instead have a program at someany point throughout each year. This would mean that the theme would not always have to be Christmas or Easter related and the audience would not be over tired and busy from the steady Christmas rush. Easter time isn't so bad, but in December it seems we have a constant stream of parties, dinners and gathering, on top of the regular busy schedule of life. I think we would enjoy it much better if we just didn't have the program at Christmas time. I realize we are there to listen to the beautiful music telling us of the riches of the true meaning of Christmas ... but I must say it was quite enjoyable in February also.

Last year we got front row seats and learned that front row isn't always so great. We got to see just that ... the front row of the student. Since the student are all standing on one level only the tall ones stuck out after that. So this year we got smart and found ourself a seat on the balcony. It was a much nicer view ... just not so great for those with cameras that don't have high zooming capabilities.

Rebecca is busy looking for us. She never did find us ... this would likely be due to the fact that she needs glasses.

Last minute Rob decided he was going to come along. I had not gotten a babysitter since he had originally said there was no way he'd have time to get away from his studies. So we attempted to take Matthew along. I suppose we were hoping for magic ... most certainly we were dreaming if we thought he'd behave (which we didn't really think, but thought it worth a try). Needless to say I don't think I got to see more then 15 minutes of the program before we gave up and realize there was no way we could contain him any longer.

I brought him back in at the end and and amused himself in the chair for a bit and then enjoyed the clapping part at the end and got right in there adding his vigorous clapping to the rest of the noise.

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HH said...

I totally agree with you Steph. Some of these programs the students put together, take so much effort and practice etc, but having all the events bunched up together doesn't always receive the full appreciation it should. Glad they could finally perform in February. Matthew is such a little boy now, funny how he's clapping. Cute :)