Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Our thoughts are prayers are with the student who will be examine by Classis this week in order to receive permission to speak an edifying word. Five students are being examine in Kerwood today and one in Burlington on Friday. May the Lord grant strength to each of these students so that they make speak clearly and faithfully about their love and understand of God and His Word. May He also grant that whatever the outcome may be each may accept and see this also as coming from the Lord.

Rob is off to witness several of the exams. We were suppose to leave early this morning to watch all five examines, but the kids had other plans. Rebecca and Matthew have been sick for several days and continue to struggle with fevers and a bad cold ... the latest virus that is going around and has hit the school quite badly. I will not complain as we have done quite well when it comes to sickness this winter ... but why do they always get sick when we have plans for the day????


amymom24 said...

Too bad you didn't get to go along, Steph! That is a shame. Hopefully Rob had an enjoyable day and was able to support his fellow students and get some tips for when his turn comes up *wink* Hope Matthew and Rebecca get better soon!

HH said...

Hope Rebecca and Matthew feel better soon too! I'm not wishing for winter yet ;)