Friday, June 20, 2008

Year-End Class Trip

Today I got a chance to enjoy the school's year-end class trips. I've always wished I could go, but other years have not allowed for this opportunity. Today Kindergarten thru Grade 2 went to StoryBook Gardens in London and I went with Marietta this time as I had recently gone on a class trip with Rebecca. We had a lovely day, the weather was beautiful, not to hot, just perfect. The kids had lots of fun.

According to Rebecca the carousel was the best part of the day. The girls in my group couldn't think about anything else at first, so we did the carousel and the train ride pretty much right away to get it out of their system so that they could focus on some of the other things.

Marietta, Jenna and Kelsie with Humpty Dumpty. Unforutunately my camera missed the best part of this scene. Humpty Dumpty is springloaded as they found out when they climbed up on the wall. In the picture the girls are leaning on him to make him look like he's falling ... Kelsie decided to let go and it would seem she was putting the most muscle into it, for the other two girls promptly found Humpty Dumpty sitting straightup again and themselves down in the bushes behind the wall. Apparently Humpty Dumpty isn't the only one taking tumbles off this wall! :)

Waterpark Fun. It was plenty warm for the waterpark, especially after running around at the playground, but the water was freezing cold, so the kids didn't last very long. We made a couple stops at the waterpark for cool-down time. The last time we were there Rebecca was also playing there and I found the girls playing together (funny all they ever do is fight when they're together at home).

We arrived back at the school just after 5pm to enjoy a BBQ dinner of fellowship with church and school members. Felt like it was the last day of school. Seems many school are done today, but our kids still have to go until Wednesday. The kids were out like a light tonight once in bed, lots they could talk about but no energy to do so. I'm amazed at how tired I am from doing "nothing" all day. We'll all sleep good tonight (I hope).


HH said...

That just sounds and looks like way too much fun, Steph. So glad you could come along and enjoy this day with Marietta. The weather looks awesome.

Kevin & Amy said...

I went to Storybook Gardens a time or two for class trips when I was that age. I have great memories of that! Glad you were able to go and enjoy the day with your girls:)