Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Down, One to Go!

While I sit her typing my dear hubby is busy writing his very last exam at McMaster University in order to achieve his B.A. in Philosphy. I cannot believe that we are finally done this stretch of the goal, and at the same time I cannot believe that we are already done this stretch. Wow, what a three and a half years it's been! And to think it's only another four years to complete the next step of the journey!

I do not need to reflect on these last years as you all have a pretty good idea of what has passed during this time. What I can say is how thankful we are that Rob was able to accomplish this part of his goal within the timeframe we had set, indeed it is a miracle. For Rob it has been a trying three and a half half years as he struggled to keep up with school work and often wondered if he was truly cut out to be an "office boy". He is well aware of the fact that next year is going to be even more difficult, this worries him, but he also realizes that he cannot give up before he has tried. At the same time he looks forward to next year as he will finally be learning things more applicable to his goal.

For now we all look forward to a summer with no studying, it will be September before we know it and then we'll be hearing the famous "I have to study" words often enough again. I think we all have a sense that this summer will be more relaxing and enjoyable, a time to bond as a family (somewhere inbetween Rob's crazy work hours), something that was missing the last couple summers. I pray that we are right and that especially Rob may be refreshed and ready to tackle those books with full steam when September comes around.

Whatever lies ahead we know that the Lord has carried us this far and He will continue to carry us on the road ahead. Indeed we have been richly blessed to have His love showered upon us in the past years. What a comfort it is to know He is always there.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rob & Steph

Indeed our God is a most wonderful and faithful Father. Congratulations on this milestone! We too are hoping you'll have a summer of revelling in God's goodness, his creation, and in the rich blessing of a Christ centered family.
If time allows, the "Chathamites" would love to have a visit!!
Love, Al and Diane

HH said...

Wishing you all a lovely summer as family and may you get to do many things together which you've perhaps put aside the last couple summers. We are still having lovely sunny days here in Aus which is amazing, considering it's supposed to be winter. I'm sure you'll be relishing the sunny days too.