Monday, June 23, 2008

James - 12 months old

Matthew- 10.5 months old

There are times I can see the resemblence between James and Matthew. The back of Matthew's head is definitely the same as James. When Matthew has his eye closed I can see much resemblence to his big brother. Matthew definitely has eyes different from the rest of our kids, he's a character of his own.

I tried to get the same poses, but it took all my effort to keep Matthew near the horse long enough to click a few pictures. You can't see much (if any) resemblence between the two boys in these pictures. The one thing I immediately noticed was the height difference. At 10.5 months Matthew is 75cm tall compared to James who was only 70cm at 11 months and 73 at 14 months.


Kevin & Amy said...

How cute to have both your boys in the same outfit for pictures:) I don't see much of a resemblance between your boys, actually. But I can't say that one looks like you or Rob over the other, so they must be a good mix:) You can definitely tell that Matthew has some height over James in these pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

HH said...

Great pics, Steph. Cute they are wearing the same outfits. To me, they look very much alike, but then again, I haven't seen them in real life. I have a rocking horse as well and I should get Lieschen on there, because it was my rockinghorse and I have a photo of me on there. So that would be neat to see myself and then her on that same rocking horse.