Monday, June 2, 2008

Congratulations Mark and Val!

Well my baby (and only) sister got married on Saturday. The last wedding for our family, my parents are now empty-nesters. As I sift through my pictures I realize how busy we were as there are lots of things I wish I had taken pictures of that I didn't ... but judging by the amount in this post, I still have plenty. One thing I noticed is that I have no good pictures of just Val and Mark ... guess that's what the photographer is for eh!! :)

The day turned out perfect. The weather was nice before church, although a bit windy, making for some interesting hair photos. It poured rain during church and by time the service and socializing was done it was nice again and the after-pictures could still be done outside. As a family we had a relaxing day. Matthew joined us at the church so he would be there for family photos but for the rest of the day he was with a sitter. So very different from the last family wedding we attending with a 6 week old baby and a medically dependent child. It was a late night for the girls and boy were they eye dropping by the end, but they sure enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to all who responded to my e-mail looking for ideas on what the girls might be able to do for the wedding entertainment. We chose to go with a game for we feared Rebecca might get stage fright and mess up a skit. Marietta read the rules and instructions and Rebecca was the "helper". Aunt Val had to show her love for Uncle Mark in the form of Hershey Kisses. The girls were a little disappointed that Uncle Mark outsmarted us ... in their opinion he cheated ... it could come down to a technicality in the wording and how you define the word "sit". But oh well, they still had fun.

Mark and Val, we take this opportunity again to wish you the Lord's blessing in your new life together as husband and wife. We pray that you will seek Him in all things and continue to walk in His ways. As life has it's ups and downs may He be your guide and your strength through all things.

And now on to the rest of the pictures:


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph:

I really enjoyed those pictures - the girls look gorgeous and you are looking mighty fine, too! Brie saw Marietta and Rebecca on Sunday morning and was inspired to wear her old flower girl dress to church in the afternoon... except... it really wasn't that warm, but she braved it. I'm very thankful to read that Matthew is doing good - what a blessing! What a joy to have a normal 10 month old! I also wanted to let you know that we also have realized is been half a year since the Lord called James home, and we haven't forgotten him. I love it when you post pictures of him and just remind us of how sweet he was. Much prayers.


Kevin & Amy said...

Great photos! You all look beautiful!

HH said...

Steph, you all look gorgeous. The girls look adorable with their hair up. How neat that you all got to be in the bridal party. If Matthew was a little older he probably would have been the page boy. Looks like you all had a great day, the pictures are beautiful. Weddings are always so nice aren't they.

T.B.H. said...

Awww.... you guys look SO happy!

Lisa said...

You all look fabulous, Steph!