Thursday, June 12, 2008

Before and After





Marietta's hair wasn't all that long, she had been growing it for just over a year, so although a change, it's not as drastic as Rebecca's. Rebecca has been growing her hair since she was three years old. She had long, thick, wavy, beautiful hair (can you hear a hint of jealousy :) But it was ALWAYS full of knots. I could brush it out (after much complaing, whining and crying) and ten minutes later it's be loaded with knots. So we finally decided it was time to try it short and see if that worked better ... especially with summer coming up. They've both wanted it cut for several months now but we were waiting until after Val's wedding ... so today we finally got around to it.

Rebecca's hair was long enough that we were able to donate it to Cancer Society. So we bundled up 9.5inches of it into a braid,chopped it all off and sealed it in a ziploc bag ... tomorrow we will mail it off.

Both girls are quite happy with their new look. We were a little apprehensive of chopping Rebecca's hair, but really like how it looks and hope that she finds it easier to manage this way. I must admit that even though I look forward to not having to battle hair each morning, I will miss the opportunity to try new things and fancy them up a bit

Here's pictures from the other day - my last fancy hair attempt on Rebeeca


HH said...

Hi Steph,
I love the new hairdos on the girls. I do love little girls with long hair but can understand the knot dilemma. Hopefully this will be easier to manage for everyone. Were the girls a little sad to see their hair go? What a nice gesture to donate to the cancer society! That's pretty neat. I think the girls look even more like you now. How's our little chappy doing?

Anonymous said...

Yikes...I don't know if I would be allowed to do that to Leah! Henry might have a heart attack! Looks great on your girls though! I wanted to donate Leah's hair this spring, but she didn't quite understand the whole concept. Maybe next time! Enjoy the tear free hair brushing...and think of those of us who still endure that every day ;)
Julia Meerveld

Anonymous said...

Two things, first, you are amazing with updo's, and second... did you cut their hair yourself? Whoever gave them their stylish new bobs, I'm impressed! SV

Kevin & Amy said...

Great new 'dos, girls! Hope you have a cool summer:) Steph - that last updo on Rebecca is GORGEOUS!

Steph said...

I think the girls were excited to see the hair go ... they've been working themselves up to it for several months now ... so they were just glad to finally do what they had been talking about.

All you have to do is let Henry do Leah's hair for a few weeks ... he'll have a complete change of heart then! :) I can recall many a time that Rob came to the hospital armed with hair supplies so I could put in a style that would last a week, or I would go home and spend time with the girls doing their hair. And there were the times he would arrive at the hopsital to promptly tell me that if I didn't do something about Rebecca's hair he was going to shave it all off. Yet after all that, when I told him we were booked for haircuts he suddenly had a change of heart and didn't know if it was such a good idea ... too late they were all excited and there was no changing their mind. And it turned out well.

Haha ... me cut hair?? I am the most ungifted person when it comes to anything crafty that requires scissors, creativity, accuracy, neatness ... nope definitely not me!! (I Just realized that that is not completely true since I do cut Rob's hair ... but that's a little different ... and it likely shows too :)

Anyways, I have to give all credit to Ang M who has so wonderfully donated her time and talent to our family during Rob's school years. She may regret that offer if she has to start doing the girls hair on top of mine. (Rebecca is already asking if she can keep it short "all the time").

Bet you can't wait until your girls have hair long enough to do that ... just start young so that they get used to it right away! :)