Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jada – Day 4

Day 4 was a Friday and we decided to go off to Port Dalhouise for our annual trip with Ange and the kids.  I guess this being the third year that we’ve done this that means it’s developed into some sort of tradition.  The girls ask all summer when we’re going ot Port Dalhouise, as if it’s expected.  We don’t mind making a point of going since it is an enjoyable and free (well, if you skip the factor of the cost of gas).  It’s always a nice time because there’s a bit of simple variety while we are there.

The day unfortunately did not start off all that great.


After driving for about 20 minutes my vehicle decided to die while we were waiting at a light. 


This lovely age of cell phones is so handy for these situations.  Rob was in Hamilton at dutch lessons so he wasn’t all that much help to me.  He suggested trying to give it a boost, although he figured that wouldn’t work given it had just been running.  So the van was pushed back a few hundred metres, off the road and out of the way as we expected it would be sitting there for some time. 

Well I’ve been given some basic lessons on boosting a car, but let’s face it, when you never do such things you get a little sceptical on what you can remember and a bit hesitant to be playing around with power. 


So this time we decided to call Dave seeing as we didn’t want to interrupt Rob too often during his class. Yup, were doing it right …. no it wasn’t helping. This concluded that it was likely the alternator that needed to replaced and we were going to have to come up with another plan for the day.


Ange took half of the gang of kids to my parents place which was about five minutes away.  Then she came back and picked up the rest of us.  My parents were on holidays but conveniently  the keys were available and so we loaded into mom’s car.  Made a stop at the van to transfer our stuff into the car and we were finally on our way again

Yup, you guessed it … Jada decided to take a nap along the way.


Upon arrival the kids headed off to the carousel first.  Jada was no interested in the carousel at that point and so she went to play at the playground. 


Matthew also was not interested in going on the carousel as he remembered that the year before he just watched and waved  Funny I was just looking at last years pictures and noticed hat he’s wearing the same shirt


After watching the kids do a round or so on the carousel both Jada and Matthew warmed up to the idea of going for a ride.  After that they were hooked and enjoyed it just as much as the other kids


Once we got a few carousel rides out of the kids system we had our lunch.


  The kids played on the playground for a little after lunch while we relaxed and Marietta and Brent made a head start at walking the pier as Brent was still recuperating and relearning to walk after the accident he was involved in in the spring.


Each year I am required (by the girls) to take a picture of the kids sitting on he bench at the end of the pier.  Plus Marietta usually likes to have a variety of other pictures.  It’s neat to see them growing up as you look back at the previous years.

If I had angled his jus a bit differently I could have gotten Matthew and Vivian (sitting on ground) on the picture too.

 P1060758 P1060758 1P1060761  P1060773 P1060777  P1060766


Running back down the pier … beach time.



Matthew and Vivian … they’re quite the pair.  It’s always neat to watch them play as they play so nicely together and understand each other well and communicate in their own special way.  They fight like all kids do, but overall they get along so well and are such a good pair when it come to playing.

P1060812 P1060817_edited-1

The kids wanted to dig a big deep hole that they could actually sit in, so inbetween swims they were busy digging


Not bad for the amount time that they worked on it.

P1060828 P1060831

A couple last carousel rides before we head home.


By time we left Rob had been to the van, fixed it (it was the altenator) and returned it to my parents place so that I could switch vehicle there.  I love my handy hubby!!

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