Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jada – Day 3

On day three we had a mellow day at home, but in the late afternoon/evening we went off to enjoy the Fresh Air Fund BBQ where all the local fresh air kids could come and enjoy some swimming, boating, tubing, and fellowship with out fresh air kids that they met on the bus ride up (or sometimes already knew for years from the repeated visits).

We discovered Jada likes to sleep in vehicles.  Again it was only a 10-15 minute drive, again she fell asleep during the ride there.


Matthew enjoyed playing in the sandbox and it kept him occupied for some time.


The BBQ was at the home of one of the Fresh Air Fund local organizers who lives on the Grand River.  So the kids could go swimming in the river or go for boat rides or tube rides as they pleased … or fill up on food and goodies, which they also did as they pleased.  It was a nice time and the kids had fun.

P1060607 P1060613


Jada had no interest in tubing and the girls did not want to go either (maybe if they had gone Jada would have gone).


Jada also didn’t have interest in going for a boat ride until Rebecca decided she wanted to go for a ride.  Jada went with her and ended up going for a couple rides, Rebecca loved it and went for repeated rides.


Back on land Matthew was causing some troubles of his own.  He had to go to the bathroom and so I took him to the house.  He gave me strict instructions that he didn’t need help and that I could wait outside for him.  So I went back outside and made myself a tea while I was waiting for him to finish.  When it became apparent that he was taking a bit long I finally went back in to check on him … he had locked the bathroom door and now he could not unlock it.

Together with our host and hostess we tried various things to try and get the door open from the outside, but could not succeed.  Matthew was able to just reach the handle to open the window a little further so that we could talk to him.  I think he got a bit tired or trying to open the door and turn the lock as each new person that came by to help thought they would coach him on how to turn the lock.  He knew what he had to do, he just couldn’t do it.

P1060642 P1060643 

Finally it was decided to rip the screen and send Marietta in to rescue him.  After the door was opened Rob tried to give him a lesson on how to open the lock, but in the end it was obvious he knew that he had to turn it to open it, but it was a bit harder to do and he couldn’t keep his grip on the part to turn it enough.  So the learned lesson was that he is not allowed to lock bathroom doors until he’s a bit older.


After swimming time the kids spent some time around the fire roasting marshmallows

P1060652   P1060659

… and eating ice cream … and by that time they were stuffed and tired!


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